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Who we are...

The Hungarian East Midlands Society was founded in 2016 January, after a successful event organised by Nottingham City Council in December 2015, highlighted the need for the organisation. The community was founded by 4 volunteers and have been growing ever since. There are 20 volunteers involved in our projects and we are growing continuously.

Our community’s mission is to support Hungarians to fully participate, integrate into the British society and to reduce isolation by building positive relationships with the wider community.


Our Aims and Objectives:


  • To develop skills and capacity of the Hungarian community living in East Midlands so they better able to help their needs and to fully participate and integrate into the British Society

  • To support newly arrived Hungarians as well as those who have been residing in the United Kingdom in any way needed and possible, particularly in education, employment, culture, health and welfare

  • To promote social inclusion, reduce isolation and build positive relationships

  • To promote diversity and equality for the public benefit by organising cultural events, activities and various sessions for the members; to liaise with other groups and organisations and work in partnership with the voluntary, statutory and other organisations as needed

  • To promote and preserve the Hungarian cultural traditions and values where needed

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